5 Wild Watersports
on the Pamlico


Paddleboarding has taken Beaufort County by storm as of late. While it does requires the water conditions to be almost perfectly calm, it’s versatile enough to draw interest as a recreational or competitive watersport.

Competitive paddleboarding, however, isn’t very popular. Liane Harshe of Inner Banks Outfitters said most of the interest she’s seen is in paddleboarding as a leisurely activity. One of the things that’s taken off as of late has been paddleboard yoga.

“Most people are into recreational paddleboarding,” she said. “there aren’t a lot of races available, so it’s kind of just going out and paddling – paddling with other people, paddling alone. We’re offering yoga. That’s full. We’re booked. People are looking for stuff like that to do.”

It’s become a great way to spend some time on the river while staying fit, too. Whether it’s doing yoga while floating on the water or just paddling around, it’s certainly a good way to get a full-body workout.


Much like paddleboarding, kayaking is something that can be enjoyed recreationally or competitively. Kayak races, however, are a lot more popular on the Pamlico River than paddleboard races. They were taking place this year even before summer officially arrived.

Inner Banks Outfitters makes it easy or worthwhile to get a kayak out on the river. They’re priced reasonably and available for rent, too.

Conditions are generally pretty specific for kayaking. It can’t be too rough on the water. However, when it is optimal, it’s a wonderful experience. A late-afternoon excursion on the river can yield some beautiful sights one would expect in a National Geographic magazine.

Inner Banks Outfitters hosts a plethora of events geared toward soaking in the sights on the Pamlico. They also serve as opportunities to socialize with people both from Beaufort County and elsewhere. Hosting moonlight and sunset paddles, and a wine and cheese paddle where kayakers make the trip to Castle Island to toast the sunset amongst new friends over food and drinks.

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